Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Works & Commission Finished!

It has been a really long winter here in Floyd! We've had over 4 feet of snow this year! was warm! 52 degrees, and so I got the opportunity to varnish my crop of new works outside. I have a few new studio pieces, ready for framing. I will be getting them together for my show coming up in Floyd next month. I am very pleased with how they have turned out!

I also show here my newly finished commission for a wonderful couple from Maryland. I am very pleased to finally have this done!

I am planning a series of marsh paintings, as I really connected with the colors and feel of the landscape of West Gloucester. With this touch of warm weather today, I can't wait for the snow to melt, and March to come....time to get back out in the fields of Southwestern Va! I got a touch of the "painting bug" today, and I can't wait! Can't wait!

Here I post images of my new pieces. They are ALL for SALE (well, with the exception of the commission)! Just let me know if you see something you like. :)

Until next time, may your trees be thawing and happy!