Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Studio Works....including little paintings!

Hi! I've been having a great time in the studio recently. I have a couple of new commissions, and renewed interest in my ink pen drawings. I also decided to make some little, itty bitty paintings for the holidays.... Let me know if you see one you like....The smallest will probably be around $25-$30. They are small enough to hang on a tree, and I will be varnishing them for a little added polish. They should be ready sometime next week.

I am looking forward to creating all sorts of new things this winter...the cold wind and temps have come to Floyd, and I will be finishing up the Brace Cove painting, and will be doing some more images of the Gloucester area. Also on the horizon more paintings of my home county of Floyd, VA.

If you are in the area during the month of December, contact me to visit the studio. Remember, an original work of art makes an incredibly personal gift for the holidays! Until next time, may all your trees be decorated beautifully!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

New work in progress! Brace Cove Panorama....

I have finally, FINALLY, gotten around to painting Brace Cove, a very private and historically significant area located in East Gloucester, MA. Fitz Henry Lane, a painter famous for his Luminist and maritime works of Gloucester and Boston Harbors, painted this cove many times, and I am thrilled to finally be able to work with it.

I decided on a composition derived from studies and photos taken during multiple trips during this past spring and summer, and a panorama view from Spring has won out. Brace Rock is center right, and the wild grasses leading to Niles Pond are on the far right. I started with a fairly detailed underdrawing, which, when I got into the underpainting, has proven to be a bit of a challenge. The lead from the pencil started to smear with the paint and turpenoid thinner, mixing with the color, but as I start to build paint, I should be able to overcome the muddiness.

I will beginning some other projects soon, so stay tuned here for photos. I also have an upcoming installation at the Stellar One bank branch in Downtown Roanoke for the month of November. If you are in the neighborhood, check it out!

Until next time, may your painting strokes be swift and accurate!


Art on the Lawn - Giles Co

We had a wonderful time at the art show in Giles Co, VA.! Overall, the day was much fun. A little chilly, but beautiful, and no wind unlike last year's show! Kasey was with me to enjoy the day. There were so many great and unique styles on display. Looking forward to next year.......

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finished Hay Bales - Preparing for Giles Show!

It's been a busy, late summer in Floyd! Too much to do, and a bit under the weather at times, so I am happy to have new work I love! I've finished the hay bale series, and touched up a couple of on location pieces.

I will be displaying my new works at the Giles Co Courthouse in Pearisburg, VA next weekend, October 2nd. I will be participating in Art on the Lawn from 10-5 Sat. Come out and enjoy the day with the small and exciting group of artists! The show has grown this year, so there is more to see.

As always, my studio is open in Floyd for visits. Just contact me via email at and let me know you would like to stop by.

Hope to see you out in Giles!!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yes, hay bales....a cliche'?

I started on the under drawings and under paintings for my hay bale paintings. At first, I found it a bit disturbing to paint on a colored ground. But as time went on, I actually found it EASIER to do so as the colors placed on top took on new life. My hope is that I will bring something (my style?) to a subject that many have painted. I may do some more, but for now, I have two larger paintings, and two "studies."

Overall, an excellent, and enjoyable, time in the studio today. It was a less-than-perfect atmosphere outside, so spending the time in the studio was great. I lost track of time, and before I knew it, the light was waning.

Let me know what you think! Until next time, stay creative!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Return to the Studio......

It's been a while, hasn't it, since my last post? Sorry for the departure. An ill relative, and the loss of a good friend, precipitated my absence....and forced the cancellation of a planned painting trip to Massachusetts. It's hard to gather that creative strength when you give it elsewhere....BUT, I am back!

I was asked recently by a good friend when I would start painting again, how would I re-start the process? I said, "It will just happen." Well, it did. I got off the plane a couple nights ago from a long trip, looked up at the glorious sunset and thought "that's it, I feel like painting." Sometimes when I have paintings in my head (which I have for some time), I let them bubble to the surface, take their time. I MUST be able to see the painting completed, on the canvas, in my head, before I begin. I also have to know how I will tackle the effort.

I started with a new/old technique...I am beginning with a colored ground this time around, and I've prepped several canvases in the studio with warm-toned underpaintings. I've been obsessed with studying local hay fields (an artist favorite), as well as my collection of seashells. I will be equally inspired by both.

I've purchased a newer, more exact camera recently, and I've experimented with form and content for future works. When I begin my "process" in the studio, I will often lay out several images to see what I like, what I am drawn to, and then I decide which ones will "make the cut." This time I am going to focus on several photos from recent outings. I've posted a few that I am leaning towards as possible content.

I have two shows coming up in October, as well as an installation in Roanoke during the month of November. Be on the lookout for updates here on dates and times. For now, wish me luck with my new work that lies ahead, and don't hesitate to stop by the studio if you are in the Floyd area. Just call ahead!

Until next time, may all your trees be happy!


Monday, June 14, 2010

We had a great time at the Sidewalk Art Show in Roanoke! Got to meet some wonderful new folks, and it was wonderful to see artists I've come to know and respect. Thank you to Miss Kasey, my amazing art apprentice!! She assisted me and got to know many artists throughout the weekend. Thank you to my artist friends who answered all of our questions about your work!

The weekend ended up with rain, but in the mean time, we had an enjoyable night out with sushi, friendship, and a night over at mom's. What more could one ask for?? Thanks to all for making a successful weekend!!

Until next time, thanks, and happy painting!