Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Studio Time!

Winter is the time I dive back into studio work, taking a break from plein air, discovering new materials and methods....  This year, I am working a lot with a new material, a canvas paper by Canson. It is sold in tablets, in a size of 12 x 16 inches. From there, you can cut it down with a utility knife into various, unique sizes.

I've cut it up into many sizes, and I've taped it to my drawing support for painting oil sketchs. The paper accepts the medium well, with no buckling at all. Depending on how much medium (turpenoid, etc) one uses, the paint also dries pretty quickly. I am looking forward to trying it on trips, when space is limited.

I am also looking at doing some paintings inspired by my time spent in Arizona over the last year. The desert vistas and sunsets are so colorful, and so I am loosening up my style and attempting to tackle the new subject. I plan to incorporate more palette knife and work larger.

I also am looking to try out some new sketch pads specific for landscapes.....whee!

Until next time, remember to get out there and paint a little each day! It will keep you sane!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall New Studio Fun!

I took some time off late summer due to personal/family reasons, but I am BACK!  

It's been 5 years since I took residence in my new studio....While I love the space, and have enough room, it is nice to engineer a "redo" and work at refining my painting area.  I decided to pair down a bit, to make sure I had enough room to move about. I also am moving into more teaching, so this layout will work well! 

I've created two work stations now....each with a full palette mixing area and an easel. Both have North light.   I also organized my framing supplies, and my plein air painting easels and supplies. 

This is the time of year that I put away the plein air tools and look at new materials....I've recently discovered a newer version of canvas paper by Cason. It is WONDERFUL! I like how I can cut it into any shape. The oils work well with it, and it just seem so easy!  Not sure how to frame them yet, but look for more to come. 

My first attempt was an experiment with a visual from a recent trip to Martha's Vineyard. A delightful little flower I found while walking around the cliffs at Aquinnah. I liked the way the paper accepted the medium, and, really, just how easy it was to use. I liked being able to use a drawing board as a support....something I work with easily. I will try other views in the days to come.

Until next time, happy painting!!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Riverstone Organic Farm Painting Outings....

Since returning from a painting retreat in Bath County, VA, I've concentrated on a series of outdoor studies at nearby Riverstone Organic Farm in Floyd.  Riverstone was born out of an older Floyd County farm, the idea of Jackie and Woody Crenshaw.  The farm is a melange of critters, flowers, and fresh produce...with open meadows, wide plains, steep hillsides, barns, and Little River winding its way through all..... I've set up many places, capturing the farm as it has come alive this Spring and Summer. It is a delightful place to paint, protected, with very little cell disconnecting is easy.

New works are small. My goal is to capture the soft colors, light, and atmosphere of the place. All new works are in oil and range from 6x8 to 9x12, and all are painted on location!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Jacksonville Studio! Now Open!


I've become a studio artist at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts in the Town of Floyd, VA!

I now have a display and second work place to call my own.  The Town Studio (soon to be dubbed Studio 119) will be open during the Center open hours.  Joining the Center as a studio artist will help with visibility, as well as offer me promotional assistance and tools which are benefits of being a member. I am very, very excited!

I will be posting open studio times weekly, so check back for hours, or for more immediate updates, follow me on FaceBook under "Paintings by Joli Ayn Wood." I will also maintain my main studio on Poor Farm Road (where a lot of the "elf magic" happens).

Feel free to check out the Jax website for more information at Jacksonville Center for the Arts.

Until next time, happy painting!


Sunday, April 22, 2012


2012 looks to be a busy year!  I will be opening a studio, short term, in the Town of Floyd at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts....I am hoping to have it open for June, July, and August. I will continue to welcome patrons into my larger, home studio on Poor Farm Rd., but the additional location will give more visibility to my work, capturing visitors to the town.  

I will be participating in the 2nd Annual Floyd Artisan Trail Tour, to take place June 22-25.  I will be in the "town" studio on Friday, the 22nd, and in my home studio the remainder of the Open House weekend. Times to be announced later. The week leading up to the Trail Tour, I will take time off for a painting week at Nimrod Hall in Bath Co, VA, so my studio will be full of "fresh off the easel" pieces.  

The Fall will bring two shows to my calendar.....Art on the Lawn on September 9th, in Pearisburg, VA (in Giles Co), and Art on the Parkway on Oct 13-14, at Mountain Meadows Farms in Meadows of Dan, VA.

I will be updating my blog with each of my painting outings, so be sure to check for updates. I can also be found on Facebook under "Paintings by Joli Ayn Wood."  My Facebook page will have the most "up to the minute" information on new works and shows, so be sure to head out there and "like" my page!

Thanks to everyone for all their support during my recent show! I appreciate the help and guidance of my friends, family, and my art community of Floyd!


Jax Center show comes down.....

My solo show at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts in Floyd has come down, but here are a few trailing shots....I ended up selling 4 paintings and a photo! Let me know if you see something that interests you!

A series of pencil studies of Katama, a small village on Martha's Vineyard.
  "Dutch belted, Katama"  Pencil on paper...

 Study for "On the Ice," inspired by a winter trip to Niles Pond in E. Gloucester, MA

 Crane Beach study, and finished painting....

Opening day!
 The artist in front of two pieces inspired by the stained glass windows of Cannon Chapel on the University of Richmond campus!

 A good artist friend of mine, Gretchen St.Lawrence....she is a marvelous pastel painter!

"Study, Bean Tree" found a new home at the second artist's reception in March. I always love when one of my "babies" finds a new owner!

Me outside of my soon-to-be studio at the Jax Center!  I will have more info to come, but I should be open June, July, and August. As always, my home studio will be open by appt!