Thursday, October 28, 2010

New work in progress! Brace Cove Panorama....

I have finally, FINALLY, gotten around to painting Brace Cove, a very private and historically significant area located in East Gloucester, MA. Fitz Henry Lane, a painter famous for his Luminist and maritime works of Gloucester and Boston Harbors, painted this cove many times, and I am thrilled to finally be able to work with it.

I decided on a composition derived from studies and photos taken during multiple trips during this past spring and summer, and a panorama view from Spring has won out. Brace Rock is center right, and the wild grasses leading to Niles Pond are on the far right. I started with a fairly detailed underdrawing, which, when I got into the underpainting, has proven to be a bit of a challenge. The lead from the pencil started to smear with the paint and turpenoid thinner, mixing with the color, but as I start to build paint, I should be able to overcome the muddiness.

I will beginning some other projects soon, so stay tuned here for photos. I also have an upcoming installation at the Stellar One bank branch in Downtown Roanoke for the month of November. If you are in the neighborhood, check it out!

Until next time, may your painting strokes be swift and accurate!


Art on the Lawn - Giles Co

We had a wonderful time at the art show in Giles Co, VA.! Overall, the day was much fun. A little chilly, but beautiful, and no wind unlike last year's show! Kasey was with me to enjoy the day. There were so many great and unique styles on display. Looking forward to next year.......