Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brace Cove Panorama - PROGRESS!

I've been hammering away at the panorama piece of Brace Cove. As a reminder, the Cove is located in East Gloucester, MA, and was a favorite subject of Luminist painter Fitz Henry Lane, who resided in Gloucester.

I've worked at filling in the landscape features, adding the surf, as well as the homes/buildings surrounding the cove. I also didn't like my initial sky, so I changed it, and I'm pleased. I feel it really captures the late-March sunny day of one of my last visits.

Next to bring out is the sandy, rocky shoreline.....

Until next time....get out there and paint!


"Morning Moon"

I've been inspired by the amazingly peaceful mornings heading into winter. The skies are soft pastels, and the fog settles into the countryside here in the rolling hills of Floyd, VA. After watching the moon set one morning behind my house, I felt compelled to bring the scene to life on canvas.

Choosing the right tones has been a challenge. First, I did a quick sketch with color, starting on a white canvas. I've since revisited the canvas to deepen the landscape, trees, working my way down the canvas. I don't always work in this fashion, but doing so has made it easier to define the values from misty to solid as the land comes into focus.

Truly a fun piece, while experiencing a good lesson in values. Look for it to be available early Spring.