Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Studio Time!

Winter is the time I dive back into studio work, taking a break from plein air, discovering new materials and methods....  This year, I am working a lot with a new material, a canvas paper by Canson. It is sold in tablets, in a size of 12 x 16 inches. From there, you can cut it down with a utility knife into various, unique sizes.

I've cut it up into many sizes, and I've taped it to my drawing support for painting oil sketchs. The paper accepts the medium well, with no buckling at all. Depending on how much medium (turpenoid, etc) one uses, the paint also dries pretty quickly. I am looking forward to trying it on trips, when space is limited.

I am also looking at doing some paintings inspired by my time spent in Arizona over the last year. The desert vistas and sunsets are so colorful, and so I am loosening up my style and attempting to tackle the new subject. I plan to incorporate more palette knife and work larger.

I also am looking to try out some new sketch pads specific for landscapes.....whee!

Until next time, remember to get out there and paint a little each day! It will keep you sane!


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