Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Return to the Studio......

It's been a while, hasn't it, since my last post? Sorry for the departure. An ill relative, and the loss of a good friend, precipitated my absence....and forced the cancellation of a planned painting trip to Massachusetts. It's hard to gather that creative strength when you give it elsewhere....BUT, I am back!

I was asked recently by a good friend when I would start painting again, how would I re-start the process? I said, "It will just happen." Well, it did. I got off the plane a couple nights ago from a long trip, looked up at the glorious sunset and thought "that's it, I feel like painting." Sometimes when I have paintings in my head (which I have for some time), I let them bubble to the surface, take their time. I MUST be able to see the painting completed, on the canvas, in my head, before I begin. I also have to know how I will tackle the effort.

I started with a new/old technique...I am beginning with a colored ground this time around, and I've prepped several canvases in the studio with warm-toned underpaintings. I've been obsessed with studying local hay fields (an artist favorite), as well as my collection of seashells. I will be equally inspired by both.

I've purchased a newer, more exact camera recently, and I've experimented with form and content for future works. When I begin my "process" in the studio, I will often lay out several images to see what I like, what I am drawn to, and then I decide which ones will "make the cut." This time I am going to focus on several photos from recent outings. I've posted a few that I am leaning towards as possible content.

I have two shows coming up in October, as well as an installation in Roanoke during the month of November. Be on the lookout for updates here on dates and times. For now, wish me luck with my new work that lies ahead, and don't hesitate to stop by the studio if you are in the Floyd area. Just call ahead!

Until next time, may all your trees be happy!


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