Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Studio Works....including little paintings!

Hi! I've been having a great time in the studio recently. I have a couple of new commissions, and renewed interest in my ink pen drawings. I also decided to make some little, itty bitty paintings for the holidays.... Let me know if you see one you like....The smallest will probably be around $25-$30. They are small enough to hang on a tree, and I will be varnishing them for a little added polish. They should be ready sometime next week.

I am looking forward to creating all sorts of new things this winter...the cold wind and temps have come to Floyd, and I will be finishing up the Brace Cove painting, and will be doing some more images of the Gloucester area. Also on the horizon more paintings of my home county of Floyd, VA.

If you are in the area during the month of December, contact me to visit the studio. Remember, an original work of art makes an incredibly personal gift for the holidays! Until next time, may all your trees be decorated beautifully!


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