Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Floyd outing!

I headed out recently on a late afternoon to capture the beautiful weather and views. I pulled over at a local farm off Christiansburg (Old) Pike, in between two car sheds, to discover a special landscape looking towards Bent Mountain/Check areas.

I spent just a short time, painting quickly in the waning afternoon light, and was soon joined by the owners of the farm. They were so hospitable and nice, even though there was a strange girl dressed in tank top and shorts painting beside their storage shed. Turns out they knew my husband's folks. Isn't that cool? I also had the pleasure of meeting a pug-mix dog named Puggles. He was exceptionally sweet, although he did snap once at me, (he was just guarding his turf)and so I've named the painting "Puggles' View."

To sign off for today, you will also note something NEW!!!! Due to the fact that my beloved Abercrombie (pre-Britany-era) hat is dying a slow death, I had to start to pass the torch to a new painting hat. I choose one given to me by a dear gentleman (and amazing pool shark!) from my "second home," Gloucester, Mass.

Until next time, happy painting!

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