Sunday, May 30, 2010

Franklin Pike outing

I had a nice afternoon of oil painting off of Franklin Pike in Floyd, VA. It was a new location, and the homeowner of the place I set up at was cordial, then happy, once she realized who I was. :) The undulation of the hillside was captivating, as were the cloud formations, which I sketched later from my front porch. As is the case sometime, I chose a canvas too small, so I tried to cram it all in. Oh well. Not such a great painting if you knew the place, but I had a great time, and was in "The Zone." After not being out on location in a few weeks (horror!), it took a while to get back in the saddle. I was happy with the clouds, however, and the sketches that resulted were amazingly fun!

I will hopefully be heading out tomorrow for more paint pushing.....check in later for more!

Until then.....happy painting!


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