Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rocky Top Outing (with cows!)

David and I enjoyed a wonderfully HOT day at the top of the family property in Floyd, an area we call Rocky Top. I started a painting of an expansive view towards Pilot, looking down across the property, our house in the distance. We had some visitors shortly after I began painting.....Dad Wood's cows! They literally came out of the woods, down the hill, and the herd encircled our set up with the Isuzu and my easel for a little while, then they made their way down the slope to the creek. We had to dodge a few storms, so I painted VERY quickly. The result was a picture very loosely painted. I am still working on the finished product and not sure if I want to tighten up the image yet. I love the painterly quality and might keep it.

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Desde pequena eu corro atrás do Trio!! said...

Olá, tudo bem?

Seus quadros são lindos!!
Você pinta muito bem!

Muito Sucesso!!

Beijos, Kiki cantora.