Saturday, June 20, 2009

Floyd Jubilee ACK!

Today was the windiest day I've ever experienced, ever, with art involved. It was just silly at times. We started out the day, in the middle of Floyd, all poised to take the world by storm. Well, the gusts were insane !!! BUT, there were still art lovers....It was great to speak with folks, but did I mention the wind? In the end, the muslin background came down, the tent covers came down, and I just hung on for dear life! At least there was no rain (it would have been easier??) and I was not into pottery......every now and then, there was heard a CRASH!....and we were thankful for art on canvas. But my work got beat up a bit. Ack!

At least I am inside, clean, fed, watered (so to speak), and glad to be inside, clean, fed, and watered.... until next time! (of course, this means everything is still up for sale, I mean, up for grabs! If you see something you like, just let me know!

Really, until next time! May all your trees be happy, and un-windy, trees!


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