Sunday, November 8, 2009

Artist's Block!

Yes, I suppose it happens to the best of us at times. After a good studio cleaning, however, I've become inspired to explore some studio pieces of winter and fall landscapes. It is amazing how much of my process is mental. I must see the finished piece in my mind before beginning.

Recently I had the joy to read a great collection of interviews with working artists describing their studio habits, work ethics, and fears. "Inside the Painter's Studio." It gave me marvelous insight into their challenges, and I've learned that I'm not the only one to study half-finished paintings for hours, or clean their studio as a "prelude" to painting.

So, after the inspiration, it is back to work.... Normally, November and December would be down months for me, where I would set the paint brush down to explore other mediums. Not this year. I plan to forge ahead.

I have coastal views in my head that must get out onto canvas. This should please my "Northern" customers residing in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas, as well as anyone who loves the ocean. I found a photo while cleaning today of the coastline of Martha's Vineyard. It was taken during a trip this past year. I found the foggy coastline along Nantucket Sound fascinating, with the division of sky and sea blurred completely. Look for a large scale piece to develop soon.

Well, I suppose I should get, as I like to say, "off like a prom dress."

Until next time, may all your trees be happy!


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