Sunday, July 19, 2009

Morning at Wingaersheek Beach

After hearing promises that the sun might show itself later in the week, I decided to extend my visit by another day. I was not disappointed. I headed to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cape Ann area, Wingaersheek. Nooked in an area along the Annisqaum River, it has beautiful sand, some marsh areas, large, granite boulders, and a sand bar at low tide that extends out towards the Annisquam Light. The sky was cobalt blue and only outdone in color by the blue tide. I arrived early and got a good parking space. It was still quite a hike to the beach. I set up back towards the dunes and was rewarded by battling sand ticks hoping into my art materials all afternoon. The sun was strong, but a nice breeze and cooler temps allowed for a pleasant time.

I chose a small canvas, including views of the boulders and the lighthouse beyond. The biggest challenge was blocking out the noise of the crowd, but quickly I became one with the view, the smells and breeze, and then I was in the art zone. :)

The perspective came fairly easily, and the challenge was getting the contrast and colors on target in the bright sun. I had lots of visitors. Some enthusiastic young ladies ranging in age from 6-10 watched for a while, asking questions. A couple of local artists came and introduced themselves.

Overall, I got an amazing start of a great little painting. After cleaning up, I took a walk down to the sandbar and checked out the tide. A great ending to a wonderful week.

Thanks for checking out my posts! Until next time, keep those trees happy!


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