Thursday, July 16, 2009

Opening Day - Niles Beach Outing

I woke up on my first day in Massachusetts and it was beautiful. I somehow knew it wouldn't last, so I sprung from my bed, packed up, and headed out at dawn. I headed to a familiar area of town, and unloaded my materials at Niles Beach, overlooking Gloucester Harbor. I had painted a view from the beach previously, heading towards town, but today, the view looking towards the nearby residential area of East Gloucester caught my eye. The sun rising behind the trees struck sharp shadows across brightly green trees and lawns, and the sky glowed with a crystal quality. I set up quickly and was able to capture the clearness of the morning. Soon, the fog rolled in from the northeast. I met a nice couple on the beach who gave me directions on how to get to Brace Cove. Thank you! I'd been searching for the cove for years!

After breaking down my setup, I headed to breakfast in town at Lee's. Very tasty. Then back to the room for a much-needed nap!

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