Saturday, July 18, 2009

Painting the Fog on the Essex

I headed out to West Gloucester one day to see a place owned by a relative of a friend. It is situated at the mouth of the Essex River, with beautiful views of the end of Crane Beach and the sandbars. The weatherman had said that the fog would probably lift. Well, it didn't, and after waiting for the sun and warmer temps, I finally gave in and painted the sandbars in the fog. The finished product is a departure from my normal pieces....more abstract. Although I am not finished with it yet, I am happy with the start. It was a very cool day, and I had on everything I could get on, plus my new fingerless painting gloves knitted by my best friend Mary. (they rock!) I was able to capture many photos, complete some good sketches, and I have a studio piece in mind for the dory/kayak. Overall, a great painting outing. Needless to say, I went back to my room and partook of a hearty red wine to warm up!

Thanks so much to Aunt Scoopy for the use of her beautiful summer home! Hope the summer actually arrives for you soon!

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